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Accomplished missions


In an hour and a half, you will discover what it means to become a Tekkie. Step by step you will get to know the most wanted tech professions and how to ensure that your profile falls within your desired position.

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A full-time Bachelor degree in which you learn how to apply your creative thinking skills to technology, data and finance.

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MURAL Homeschool

What do you do when a pandemic keeps all your employees at home and children on different continents cannot go to school? You develop a MURAL Homeschool.

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Webshop at School

A teaching package was made in collaboration with, among others, Coolblue, Picnic and In 10 interactive lessons you develop digital and entrepreneurial skills.

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Junior Company: The Series

To help secondary school students to set up their own company, a teaching package has been developed that conveys all the tricks of the trade in a playful manner through videos.

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Hyper Island Digital Innovation Programme

Have you graduated but are not working in the field where you would actually like to work? The Digital Innovation program was developed for this.

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Other brands

Experience counts. These are the companies that preceded you:

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